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Lincs Therapy offers modern psychological services

Individual therapy, tools and services to help you improve your mental health

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We offer a range of services and products

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Assess Your Stress

We offer a range of methods to objectively assess your current stress levels and to provide a range of potential solutions

Lincs Clinics

BABCP-accredited psychotherapy is delivered locally at our clinic in Cleethorpes and online. We specialise in stress and trauma for adults

Feeling Safe

Biofeedback techniques provide objective information related to our psychological states. We offer a range of approaches including heart rate variability feedback

Feeling Safe Courses

We offer a range of online training courses, for you to develop knowledge and skills around various aspects of mental health and how it interacts with our experience


Lincs Therapy is involved in various new developments and projects to make services more accessible and affordable.

We focus on giving individuals responsibility for their healthcare and then to be able to work collaboratively with people who may be able to help.

We work extensively in developing interactive products and services such as apps, integrating biofeedback techniques into clinical delivery and obtaining appropriate regulatory approval.

Benefits of working with LincsTherapy

We provide comprehensive assessment and delivery of modern psychological services to meet your needs. Our delivery mechanisms include face-to-face and remote therapy and comprehensive protocols.

We work with a range of media, including virtual reality, app development as well as in house delivery for businesses.

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